Federation, but not like Star Trek

I’ve been using services built atop the ActivityPub standard for several years now, but have continued to host my random musings on a self-hosted instance of WordPress for about 20 years now (never mind the brief period where I insisted that Textpattern was the future, and Textile was superior to Markdown—though I still think that when I’m formatting links). I may keep those writings up indefinitely (maybe make them a static archive), but I wanted to start writing more, and feel less constrained by what I write about. I’ve been leery of being too personal when my blog is connected to my portfolio site, and it’s somewhat limited me with regard to my position on things that might make a hiring manager blush. I won’t be linking to this from my portfolio, and I’ll likely make any posts I’m particularly proud of part of a more static articles section whenever I redo my portfolio site.

All that being said, I’m excited to start writing in a more open, free, and federated format, as I have been doing on Mastodon for the past 5-6 years, just longer format. Will shit I post come back and lead to difficult conversations? Probably… but I’m trying to be the me that has been held back by decades of trauma, and those conversations should happen when they need to.

Anyway, if you stumble across this, I’m GB. There are RSS feeds and you can actually follow this blog from any Fediverse platform (Mastodon, Friendica, etc.). The future is distributed and focused on our collective welfare. Buckle up.